Wijaya Beach – Thalpe, Sri Lanka

So the other day the four of us decided to escape to the beach as it was a rare holiday for me for Diwali and it didn’t take much to convince the others that we should head on down to our favourite spot just outside Unawatuna in Thalpe – Wijaya Beach.

It is our absolute favourite place because

1) The beach is smack bang on their premises

2) You can swim in the ocean without fear of getting caught in a current as there is a somewhat unbroken coral reef in the vicinity.

3) The food is absolutely delicious

We got there half an hour before noon and since we were already dreaming of the food en-route we had pretty much decided what we wanted to have. We placed our orders and proceeded to play a game of scrabble but the letters we ended up with after a couple of rounds were so rotten and we decided to abandon the game and the timing couldn’t have been better as the food arrived at that precise moment!

Soul Sister (SS) is now vegetarian so she ordered a Salad Platter with a Sesame Bun and this is what she got – three types of vegetarian salads but they charged us Rs. 750 for it which both of us thought was a bit much considering it was only vegetables.

BFF ordered her usual – the Seafood Risotto and she wasn’t disappointed however she did mention that she didn’t have many prawns in it just a lot of calamari and fish – this cost Rs. 900.

Sudu ordered the Mahi Mahi Fish – also his usual and he too enjoyed it thoroughly although last time he had it he said he got two chunks of fish and not one – this dish cost Rs. 850.

And I settled for the Prawn Mango Salsa with Salad – twas rather delicious and I was completely satisfied with my dish – it cost Rs. 900.

We also brought with us a bottle of white wine which they chilled and were more than happy to serve to us with our meal. The wine was a bottle I was saving for a special occasion and I thought to myself as I was choosing it in the morning that time spent with good friends is always special so therefore no more saving it for a special occasion it had to be drunk. It turned out to be a rather nice bottle of wine with hints of citrus, lemongrass and fruits. They charged us Rs. 1,000 for corkage which isn’t too much considering the fact that the cost was split by three of us.

SS baked this awesome strawberry infused dark chocolate ganache cake for us because she likes to bake and it was also a late celebration for the birthday twins (BFF & Sudu) and we each devoured a piece right after lunch.

We lazed around after that and caught up for an hour before BFF and Sudu decided that it was time to jump into the ocean. SS fell asleep in the sun much to my amazement as I sat next to her with the intention of having a nice long chat as it’s very rare that she and I get to hang out on a leisurely basis as she’s either kicking my butt at the gym or consumed by her many family obligations since she’s a newly wed and has oh so many obligatory things do to – I think it’s a South Asian thing! So I had nothing else to do but continue reading my book which I started reading in May when I was sick and hadn’t moved past page 21. I only managed to devour 28 pages when BFF and Sudu returned from the first leg of their swim and told me they were hungry and that it was time for Pizza.

The other reason we love Wijaya Beach is because they’ve got some of the best pizza’s we’ve ever tasted in the island as they’ve got their very own wood fired oven. I ordered a half an half pizza of seafood and spinach with feta – this was Rs 1,200.

By this time SS had woken up and we polished the pizza along with some fabulous chili oil.

And down came the rains at 4pm and didn’t let up till 6.30pm. We enjoyed it nevertheless and took the time to chat, enjoy some lovely Sri Lankan tea and some more sinful cake.

All in all the day panned out very well and I’d say it was a fabulous mid-week getaway for me.

My overall rating of the place is as follows:

Food: 9/10

Portion Size: 8/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Ambiance: 10/10

Service: 8/10

Cleanliness: 8/10

I will definitely recommend the place to anybody who wants to go to Unawatuna for the day as it’s a lovely, friendly and cozy place to spend the day at the beach and do nothing but relax & indulge in some deliciously yummy food.

2 thoughts on “Wijaya Beach – Thalpe, Sri Lanka

  1. This goes down in my memory lane as one of the most relaxing days. Great review Rova…love that you covered all bases and very accurately so. My prayer is to have many more Wijaya beach experiences with the gang…minus the salad platter, and + my new found favorite there–feta and olive wrap. 🙂

  2. Agree totally! Always made it a point, to get to wijeya beach and the delicious risotto ( as good as having a meal in Milano or Venice) haven’t been there in a while, hope the adding of rooms, hasn’t spoilt the marvellous ambience. noticed that, when go ogling, a pretty plane looking site, hart’s of prices and room photos. No more, the colorful
    photo of the main sitting dining area.

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