Layalina, Geneva – Switzerland

I was in Geneva for a week in May 2012 to attend a meeting and out of the 6 nights that we were there we had dinner at Layalina 5 times. You’d think I’m crazy but after you take a look at the pictures below you will know why we were so addicted to the place and though it was a bit pricey I think it was Francs well spent!

NB: All these pictures weren’t taken in a single sitting!!!

Falafel – crispy and tasty & that was the first time I’d ever eaten falafel.

Baba Ganoush – delicious aubergine goodness blended with garlic & olive oil; aubergines never tasted this good!

Salsa – middle eastern version of tomato salsa with garlic & capsicum; it had a nice zing to it.

Tabbouleh – I have an aversion to green leaves but I actually loved the combination of the parsley & mint flavours which complimented the rest of the food.

Lamb Kibbeh – delicious minced lamb flavoured with onions and then fried in a delicious batter; we finished this dish quite early in our meal because everybody wanted more and more of it. I honestly could have only eaten the Kibbeh with  the Salsa and been content!

Olives – in my opinion olives go well with any meal! 🙂

Jawaneh – grilled chicken wings with lemon & garlic; heaven in your mouth would be an understatement to describe this dish. We ordered this every single time we went to the restaurant.

Garlic Sausage with Mayo – SLURP! It was absolutely mouthwatering-ly tasty…

Lamp Chops Mezze Platter – I had this one night as I wanted to have a mix of everything and I wanted my lamb chops so the restaurant obliged by giving me lamb chops with a bit of everything. It was out of this world and it only cost 35 Swiss Francs; I was quite pleased with myself for asking for this but should have asked for it before as this was the last meal I had here.

Home Made Pistachio Ice-Cream – I must admit that I don’t like Pistachio and I’ve never had Pistachio ice-cream till this experience. The ice-cream was soft, flavourful and not too sweet; just the way I like it.

On average we spent a good 40 Francs a night on dinner which we were told by the locals was quite a lot to pay for dinner but I have to tell you that it was truly worth every Franc we paid.

Here is my overall rating of the restaurant:

Food: 10/10

Portion Size: 10/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Ambiance: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Cleanliness: 9/10

If you’re ever in Geneva it’s an absolute must; trust me you won’t be disappointed. The address is: 121 Rue de Lausanne, Geneva.

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