Sugar – Bistro and Wine Bar

SS has been dying to go out for dinner & drinks for a couple of weeks now and somehow we had not managed to do that so a few of us received an SMS from her saying Friday night Sugar Bar. I responded with an emphatic YES and marked it in my calendar & proceeded to explain to her that it wasn’t a bar in the conventional sense but that it was a bistro and wine bar. She was keen to try it out either way as BFF and I had been there only a few weeks ago for a snack and a glass of wine and we were in love with the Bruschetta which we’ve recommended to quite a few of our friends including SS.

SS, Sudu and I got to the restaurant at 8.30pm and BFF had managed to get us the best table inside with a view. We proceeded to browse through the drinks menu but I knew exactly what I wanted to have as the last time I was there I had an absolutely divine glass of Reserve Des Lyse d’Anjou Rosé priced at Rs. 650 per glass. SS ordered a dry Martini which was Rs. 500 and Sudu settled for a beer shandy ( Lion Lager Rs. 250 + Soft Drink Rs. 100) BFF was sipping a Mojito (Rs. 400) when I got there and she finished it and ordered another one but instead of the traditional recipe she opted for a Passion & Ginger Mojito also priced at Rs. 400. We had just placed our orders when Toots and C walked in – perfect timing!


It’s important to note that from the moment we got to the restaurant & were seated we had a waiter on hand who was extremely attentive throughout the meal and we never really had to motion to him to refill drinks, bring menus or clear dishes during the meal.

Our drinks arrived in under five minutes and they were as delicious as the menu described them.

C ordered a soup as a starter – roasted pumpkin soup with garlic chips. Modestly priced at Rs. 200 and accompanied by brown bread and butter. He said the soup was quite nice but he couldn’t see the garlic chips or really taste them.

Pumpkin Soup

All the other food arrived a few minutes later. Toots had the Asparagus crepes and it looked quite delicious; she said it was great but she didn’t like the yellow sauce that was served with it as it was pure egg yolk. Priced at Rs. 700 the dish was well presented,  the crepes were perfectly done and it is a good option for vegetarians;  maybe I should try it next time as I love Asparagus.

Asparagus Crepes

BFF opted for the penne in a creamy Gorgonzola with broccoli and mushrooms (Rs. 400) & the BBQ pork spare ribs (Rs. 300). I had a few bites off her pasta and it was absolutely delicious. The Gorgonzola had just the right amount of sourness that complimented the mushrooms, garlic and broccoli. We were both shocked at how reasonably priced it was. The spare ribs were extremely tasty and the sauce was out of this world.


Pork Ribs

I opted for the jerk spiced oven roasted leg of chicken – I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with my dish as the chicken didn’t have a real flavour apart from the fact that it was roasted with pepper, salt and chili powder. The vegetables were slightly over boiled and weren’t crunchy and for a main the portion was quite small (Rs. 700).

BBQ Jerk Chicken

Both C & Sudu ordered the Crispy Chicken Baguette as mains and both of them said it wasn’t so great and there was nothing crispy about the chicken and I seem to have forgotten to snap a picture of their meal.

Only three of us had dessert! C & Toots shared the Pineapple fritters which was served with honey & a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (Rs. 250) while BFF & I opted for a pot of gooey chocolatey goodness infused with a hint of orange (Rs. 360).

Pineapple Fritters

I had it cold while BFF wanted it warmed – the best part of the meal for me was dessert; it was everything and more plus the flavour and texture was very close to that of the famed gallery café chocolate fondant at less than half the price.

Gooey Chocolate Pot

The grand total for the night was Rs. 9,965 inclusive of service charges & taxes. We had 1 starter, 7 mains, 4 desserts, 2 glasses of wine, 3 cocktails, a beer, 1 fruit juice and 2 soft drinks amongst the 6 of us which works out to about Rs. 1,500 per person (+) or (-) a little bit depending on what you order. Very reasonable in my book considering the amount of items we ordered.

We were at Sugar till closing time and realized that we had spent a good three plus hours over dinner, drinks and dessert. I actually loved the place as it was warm, cozy & the lighting was perfect – not too bright and not too dark! The staff were friendly & courteous and we felt very welcome at the restaurant and I will definitely go back there as it was good value for money and the overall dining experience was very pleasant.

This is a lovely place for people who have varied taste in both food and alcohol as there are a lot of options and they have also given special consideration to vegetarians when selecting the menu.

My overall rating of the place is as follows:

Food: 8/10

Cocktails: 9/10

Selection of Wine: 10/10

Portion Size: 8/10

Value for Money: 10/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Cleanliness: 9/10

Would I recommend the place to my family and friends? YES – definitely. A much needed value addition to the Colombo restaurant scene; we need more places like this where you can feel like you’re going out for a meal but be comfortable as if it were your own house or that of a friends.

Located at the Lobby Level of the Crescat Boulevard Shopping Complex you really should go have a meal or do drinks and dessert there – you will not be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Sugar – Bistro and Wine Bar

  1. Wow your review is the exact opposite of my experience there. First time i went it was for a quick drink with an ex colleague and it was fine nothing exceptional or memorable. 2nd time brunch with a close friend. Food was fine..service was fine..till one of the owners who was chatting with us decided to be rude and callous to his waiter who had made the mistake of leaving the label on the tea bag. He decided to pull the waiter up in front of us,very unprofessional way of handling the situation. The 3rd time I went was with two girl friends because we heard the tapas was really good there. It was a saturday nite. It took them 40 mins to get us our drinks which were non alcoholic, another 1.5hrs to bring us our food and this was after we called every waiter and head waiter and asked them for our order.They had even got our order wrong. We were not the only customers who were struggling to get our food and drinks. There were about 5 other tables full of expats that were having to walk up to the waiters and ask them for their food, their drinks, incorrect orders and to please take their bill. It was awful. The tapas were passable but not memorable. I feel 7 degrees tapas are better. Though after having tapas at Pippas in New York..Nothing quite compares, so maybe am a bit biased about the tapas. I would recommend going only if you have loads of time on hand and in a extremely calm and peaceful mood and not very hungry when you get there 🙂

  2. Couldn’t resist correcting SS on “its not a bar, its a bistro” no? BTW, Reserve Des Lyse d’Anjou Rosé is pretty damn good.

    • Well she genuinely thought it was a bar where you stand around and have drinks so I had to tell her 😛
      I bought two bottles of the Reserve Des Lyse d’Anjou Rosé yesterday at Labels! It’s going to be a good Christmas…

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