New Menu at Clique Supper Club

We got the opportunity to be part of the new menu tasting at Clique​ Supper Club last month. It was quite an experience. There was heaps to eat and every dish was carefully crafted for the occasion.

Wine and Water

We started off with a trio of oysters: Bloody Mary, Fusion Rockefeller with Spinach and Kangkung and Panko Fried with Special Soy Sauce.

What arrived next was both a treat for the eyes and the senses – a Parisian Jaffna Kool which was beautifully plated and tasted as good as it looked with generous servings of clams, prawns, mushroom and crab legs.

Parisian Jaffna Kool

We then proceeded to a Plum Salad which was no ordinary salad – it was pickled plum with fresh mozzarella, rocket leaves and lovi vinaigrette. Refreshing and light this was utterly divine. We loved the fact that they experimented with lovi which is a tropical fruit which gave it a Sri Lankan touch.

Plum Salad

What arrived next was the most amazing beef slider that we have ever tasted. A succulent mini beef patty, well seasoned with all the trimmings. This was so divine, it melted in our mouths and had us greedily wishing for more.


The next delectable thing that was put in front of us was a Citrus Marinated Grilled Chicken Thigh that was served with chili rosemary potatoes and a bell pepper chutney. Flavourful, delicious and oh so comforting.

Citrus Marinated Grilled Chicken Thigh

We ended the mains with a Shoyu Ramem with Chicken and Prawn Tempura. This was a perfectly executed ramen. The broth was mild and the prawn tempura was crunchy and well flavoured. The batter was thin and crispy and we loved it. It looked so pretty too combined with half a full boiled egg and lots of chives.

Prawn Tempura Ramen

We finally ended the night with dessert which was a Vanilla Tart served with Curd Ice Cream and Treacle. The textures of this dish were really interesting as the ice cream was smooth and sour which combined well with the treacle and pie crust.


We give the new menu two thumbs up. They have been very clever about combining Sri Lankan ingredients and infusing them with popular dishes, we love this concept and are looking forward to many delicious meals at Clique. We say Kaapang!

We apologize that the pictures might not do justice to the dishes – all pictures were taken on a camera phone without proper lighting.

We give the new menu a solid: 9/10 for taste, execution, presentation and use of local ingredients.

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